Top 4 Most Expensive High-Quality Home Floor Coverings

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Home Remodeling |

When money is no issue and luxury is the major drive, and there is the desire for the best of the floor installation options then the following top quality options can be found from any reasonable flooring contractor like The Flooring Pro Guys.

They cost much, but that does not imply an exaggerated pricing option. Some of the top quality choices for home floors include examples such as the marble, ceramic and even the natural stone floor designs amongst others.

Natural Stone (Marble)

The natural stone is one of the most expensive flooring options in the world today. When thinking about the most luxurious and opulent floor options, the natural stone option crosses many minds as buildings such as palaces would be incomplete without the natural stone floor. Mining the stones is an expensive process because it involves several-feet-below-the-ground kind of digging. Natural stone hardness and density also plays a significant role in the pricing of this particular floor option. It’s mainly because this translates to a more colorful and vivid look leading to it being rare and again directly contributing to the high prices. Natural stone mining takes place all over the world in quarries, and this translates to high transportation costs, and once it reaches the door, installation budget is inevitable. It’s among the labor intensive floor installation types.

Marble is usually sold in a square foot with the prices ranging from $3 to around $15 to $20. It’s entirely based on the quality of the marble while at the same time not inclusive of the installation costs which could as much range from $6 to $10 per square feet depending on the qualification of the installer. So for one to get an actual marble flooring, the price would be as high as $30 on each square feet. It, however, does not include the costs associated with slab installation and the rest. It means an additional price for each sq ft.


Ceramic and Mosaic Design

Looks on our floors can only be limited by our span of imagination should one settle for the ceramic floor designs. Nothing beats this option when it comes sophistication and style. Some of the available options include the custom design handmade tiles, glass tiles, antique reclaimed Italian design and even the pebble mosaics. Some other models exist too and in this section, the sky is the limit for their pricing. Average quality ceramic tiles range from $5 to $10 on each square feet. For top quality options, this could shoot as high as $30 and more before considering the costs involved to have them installed.

$5 is the average installation cost for standard tiles, and that’s per square feet while high-end mosaic tiles could come to around $10 for each sq ft.

Exotic hardwood

For an unusual and rare floor option in the neighborhood, it’s best to consider the exotic hardwood.

Importation of lumber from Africa and South America already has one looking at relatively high transportation costs. This together with some limited hardwood species supply to come up with different types of quality and unique hardwood floors has one looking at the prices at about $12 to $15 for each square feet. It’s exclusive of the costs needed to have them installed. Installation costs range at about $3 to $4 for each sq ft.


Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring

A survey on hardwood trends in 2013 indicated a rising trend in the use of the hand scraped hardwood for flooring options. It directly reflects the love for vintage old school hardwood flooring. While there exists a broad range of wood planks that are hand-scraped to pick from, the truth is that almost all of them have the ‘hand-scrape effect’. Modern methods of production imply that the hand-scraped planks are nowhere near a craftsman doing. It does not automatically mean that machine involvement in the creation of planks is of bad quality or cheap for that matter. Favorite brand “American Scrape Hardwood” offers a beautiful range of solid oak and this costs around $10 per square feet. But when in search of something that is authentic and customized, looking into Homewood Amish Hand-scrapped collection is recommended. Their prices range from about $12.50 to $14 per sq ft for the 3” tiles and the broader width plank costs around $16 to $19. It is exclusive of the installation costs.